Bluewater Underwater Photography Competition

1st prize in international competition reserved for professional underwater photographers, Grand Cayman (BWI), April 1993.

Mondo Sommerso n. 500

Gold Medal as one of the authors of the 18 portfolios showing the most famous underwater photographers of the world. The n. 500 of Mondo Sommerso, published on Oct. 2006, is an historical issue which celebrates the 50 years of activity of a worldwide known magazine pioneer in diving.


On February 2006, at the presence of the Vice Minister of Tourism, it was announced the “Todos Estrellas” of 2005, giving an award to who had best contributed to promote the island of Cuba in Italy during year 2005. After an exanimation of 12 magazines, has also been awarded Leonardo Olmi for a cover and an article/photo-essay he has published on the 2005 May issue of Mondo Sommerso by the title “Destination Cuba”.


Italian Press Cycling Champion for 27 times: 8 times on Road3 times on Mountainbike7 times on TimeTrial3 vitories in CoupleTT and 6 victories in the Granfondo Press CupOne 2nd place (Greece 2016) and two 3rd places (Belgium 2018 and Denmark 2021) at Road World Press Cycling Champion (WPCC). 1st place at Media World Cup Champion (MWC) in Poland 2019, on both Mtb and Road Races.