Dive Instructor/Manager

Experience includes diving leader to several dive destinations such as: the Maldives (Veligandu, Athuruga and Thundufushi islands) years 1990-1992; the Cayman Islands, years 1992-1993; Cancun (Mexico) years 1993-1994.

Underwater Photographer

Travel includes the areas of the Caribbean; Brazil; Hawaii; French Polynesia; the Maldives; the Seychelles; Mauritius island; the Red Sea; Australia; Papua New Guinea; Thailand; Myanmar; Indonesia; Malaysian Borneo; the Mediterranean Sea. Specialized areas include wide-angle and macro photography, night dive photography, naturalistic/wildlife photography, Cenote diving in the Yucatan Penisula, and special effect photography.

Leonardo Olmi taking pictures of Silvertip Sharks at Rangiroa in French Polynesia.

Leonardo Olmi taking pictures of Great White Sharks at Neptune Island in South Australia.

Land Photographer

Current stock images include those obtained throughout travel to Europe; the USA; French Polynesia; Malaysia; Australia and Papua New Guinea; the Indian Ocean; Thailand and Indonesia; Egypt, Sudan and Jordan; Kenya and South Africa; Mexico and Brazil; the Caribbean islands. Subjects include landscapes/scenic, wildlife/animals, architecture, cultural lifestyles, glamour/models, travel/tourism, people/human interest, historic attractions, transportations, prestigious antique cars, motorcycles and Formula 1.

Sport Photographer

Current stock images include prestigious and antique cars, motorcycles, MotoGP and Formula 1; road cycling and mountainbike.

Sport Tester

Leonardo’s works also includes sport-tests of various products regarding his specialties, including underwater photo gears, bikes and their accessories.

Cyclist and Triathlete

Since 2008 he started to practice cyclism, on both road and mountainbike, but also triathlon for sport/fitness purposes but also to produce articles/photo-essay for several magazines, partecipating each year to some of most famous and main events of Italy (see the Awards page).

Bike Guide

After more then 10 years experience in cycling (road and mountainbike) during which he won for 6 times the title of Italian Press Cycling Champion and that one of vice World Press Cycling Champion, he created a professional organization to guide cyclists on bike-tours around Tuscany: Cycling-in-Tuscany.com

Leonardo Olmi | VeloGuide | Florence | Tuscany | Italy

Educational Experiences

PADI Master Instructor, license # M 901250
NAUI Underwater Instructor, license # 15652
ANDI Diver, (American Nitrox Divers Inc.), license # 5860
PADI Underwater Photographer, license # 901250

University of Florence, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Italian Journalist Association, license # 097505
NIKON Professional Photographer, license # 7666

UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), license # 702663J
Languages: Italian, Spanish, English